Trade, exports, international business and projects are carried out by means of the joint and co-ordinated action taken by various active parts that possess well-defined identities and functions. Just as in a chemical reaction, each part or element that participates in a business or project has a potential function but, moreover, an external element acting as a catalyser is often necessary.

    In regard to foreign trade, ATLAS INTERNATIONAL, S.A. is the company which acts as a catalyser, speeding up inter-relations and achieving the synergy which increases the efficacy and efficiency of companies which intervene in the process of carrying out a foreign trade operation or international project.

    ATLAS INTERNATIONAL, S.A. is the sum of efforts directed towards achieving success and security for the enterprise which it represents, additionally providing the capacity of positive contact and communication with the decision centres of the enterprises or bodies on which the projects depend. ATLAS INTERNATIONAL, S.A. not only represents Spanish enterprises abroad but also offers its services to foreign enterprises wishing to develop activities in Spain.

    With over two decades of experience and an extensive network of correspondent offices and local partners in countries with great commercial potential, we offer consultancy and commercial services for international projects and business ventures. The highly qualified and experienced executive team at ATLAS INTERNATIONAL, S.A. provides professional solutions for each project. The company possesses vast knowledge regarding the preparation and procedures involved in the presentation of documentation for tenders as well as a wide capacity for acquiring means of financing for the undertaking of projects abroad.

    Our professional background is guaranteed by a long list of successfully completed business projects and operations, commercial management and representation carried out with the co-ordination and consultancy of ATLAS INTERNATIONAL, S.A., to the satisfaction of both parties involved.

    In summary, ATLAS INTERNATIONAL, S.A. is the international expansion team required by your company. For further information, contact our offices.

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